What is a krisbit?

Welcome to 365krisbits, a lifestyle blog that is turning out to be more of a diary than anything else.

Boston Marathon

I’m Kristin, Kris or KB to my closest friends.  I startedthis blog in January 2014 merely as a way to write, something I love to do but don’t always find the time.  I started by expressing some of my feelings, covering my move up north, and discussing things that irked me.

As of January 2015, I find myself eager to delve into more personal topics.  It look me a year to finally expose myself the way I had always imagine.  Now that I’ve opened up the door of vulnerability, I don’t want to close it.  I don’t mind that you- friends, family, and complete strangers- will find out the deepest parts of me.  I’m not willing to share most of this verbally, but once I write about it, I’m more open to my emotions.  If you want to follow my journey, I suggest starting at post #58.  It’s where my story truly begins.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to hold your interest, keep you coming back for more.  I know that each post cannot be better than the last.  I wish they could.  From here on out, I promise to be open, honest, and vulnerable.  I have a story to tell, in bits and pieces, through and through.

This blog started out as random compilation of events and thoughts.  My goal for 2015 is to turn it into so much more.  This is my chance to show you the real me. Every piece I write is a bit of Kristin, hence “krisbits.”

My initial intent was to publish one post a day for a year, but life took the reins as it usually does, and I was forced to write at a slower pace.  Now that my posts have become more personal, I take ample time to ensure I’m giving my readers the most of me. A couple hours of writing a day will not produce the quality essays I’m after.

The very first thing you should know about me is that my life is anything but ordinary. I was born to stand out and by reading my posts you’ll learn why.

And of course, I need to provide you with a little bit of useless information: I love lyrics and many of my post titles are parts of songs.  Music feels like coming home.

Ready. Set. Let’s roll. (Chase Rice)

Stay True to You,


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