49. But I took a sip, yea it felt good on my lips

49. But I took a sip, yea it felt good on my lips

I usually stick to drinks that aren’t packed with calories like water or unsweetened iced tea.  However, today as I was ordering my turkey sub from the Big Y deli, I noticed this beauty.

Pink Lemonade

Ahhhhh!  Pink Lemonade, the sweet yet tart sugary goodness that sends me back to my youth with each face puckering sip.  I’m not talking about lemonade in the powdered form such as Crystal Light, although I did drink that a lot too.  No, I’m referring to the Pink Lemonade in a glass bottle like Snapple.  I very rarely find this anymore.  I’ve scoured grocery store shelves when cravings have hit, but no one seems to carry Snapple Pink Lemonade.  When I saw this bottle of Del’s, I thought I ought to taste it.  My taste buds approve and consider it equally memorable as Snapple.

Why Snapple, you ask?  Other than that I do enjoy the taste, it reminds me of gymnastics.  After our daily summer practices and before we continued to play around with new tricks, my friends and I would walk to the deli down the street for some lunch.  Without fail, there would alway be orders of mozzarella sticks and Snapple Pink Lemonade.  With every sip, I’m reminded of those days, when the only worry was being late for practice and the only life you needed was the one that involved your gym friends.  The only people who could understand your determination, fears, failures, and success were the ones sitting around the mozzarella sticks and popped Snapple bottled.

So for you ladies, now grown, some married with children, I take a sip of a refreshing Snapple Pink Lemonade substitute and toast to the days when we could eat all the mozzarella sticks in the world and not worry about a thing!

49.  But I took a sip, yea it felt good on my lips – “Felt Good On My Lips” by Tim McGraw

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