39. Strong is beautiful

39. Strong is beautiful

Strong is beautiful.  Thanks Old Navy for transferring my sentiments onto a shirt.  I have always been strong.  I don’t know my body without muscle.  I’ve been building it since before I started gymnastics at 4 years old.  It’s unfathomable for me to imagine my own arms flabby and untoned in a tank top.  Even in rare bouts of inactivity, my strength is apparent.  Seeing as I constantly run races these days, inactivity is limited and my strength only grows.

I’m proud of my strength.  Each year in school when our physical fitness tests rolled around, I was able to defeat the boys in pull-ups.  I wouldn’t stop until I had surpassed the top number.  I’m the girl who isn’t too prissy to carry heavy boxes, who helps move furniture because she can, and who thinks a workout isn’t effective unless there’s sweat involved. I engage in physical activity of any kind, even shoveling snow, because my body thrives off of movement and resistance.

One of the perks of unemployment is that I have the ability to spend hours a day at the gym if I want.  And I have been.  The week after I moved up to Massachusetts I joined Planet Fitness.  For a workout nut like myself, you have no idea how amazing it feels to be back training at a real gym with real equipment.  My community fitness center in Celebration was great for early morning runs on the treadmill (no one was crazy enough to be there at 5am so the place was all mine!) but not weight training.  Now that I belong to a gym again, I have access to countless free weights and machines that I have missed for years.  My body thanked me after just one workout and I welcomed the soreness because it meant I was flushing out any physical weakness.

I don’t engage in conversation while at the gym…ever.  I’m not there to socialize.  I’m not there to pick up dudes.  I don’t wear cute outfits or makeup.  My hair sits on top of my head in a messy bun with my bangs pulled back by a headband.  I’m serious about my fitness.  My earphones stay connected to my iPod the entire workout and I block out the surrounding world.  I bob my head to the music and mouth the words.  No one at Planet Fitness seems to mind because it’s a “judgement free zone” as they like to say.  Besides, I’m not the only one lost in her workout.  I’m not the only girl lifting weights like Olympic luger Noelle Pikus-Pace in the AT&T commercial (commercial below).  I’m not the only girl who thinks strong is beautiful.  I am, however, the only girl who does handstand shoulder touches, and I don’t use a wall as support.

My consistent strength can be attributed to my mesomorph physique.  At least I assume I’m a mesomorph, which is defined by large bones, large muscles, and a naturally athletic body.  It seems to fit.  What body type are you?  Knowing your body type aids in knowing the proper diet and exercise tricks.  Look it up here: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/becker3.htm

The gym is my happy place.  It’s where I go to diminish aggravation, to be alone, to better myself.  Ok, I’m one of those annoying girls who loves a great sweat session.  But I am also one of those girls who can beat the crap out of you because I’ve spent eons sculpting my body.  I don’t think skinny is sexy.  Toned arms and defined legs- now that embodies sexy appeal.  Athletic girls- we’re bold, beautiful, and can kick some serious ass.

Strong is Beautful
Strong is Beautful

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