38. I don’t understand it, tell me how could you be so low..TKO

38. I don’t understand it, tell me how could you be so low..TKO

My blood boils, heart races, and breath quickens.  My veins pop out of my neck.  I’m waiting for my skin to turn green as I transform into my alter ego of the Hulk.  What brings about this Jekyll and Hyde transition?  Another reported instance of  “Knock Out” the so-called “game” of whacking people in the head so hard you knock them out or kill them.  But it’s not a game!  It’s a horrible, cowardly way to sucker punch someone and it terrifies me because it could happen to any one of us.

Is it probable?  No.  Impossible?  No.

I can’t stop thinking that I’ll be walking down the street in Boston and, BAM. everything will go dark.  It’s the curse of an overactive mind.  But I don’t just fear for myself, I fear for my family too.  I picture my dad walking the streets of New York City when he used to work there and out of no where getting dealt a life ending blow.  It could have been him, an unsuspected victim of hate and stupidity.

I blame the media and internet for sensationalizing these actions and spreading the desire to hurt.  The bigger the blow the more newsworthy- doesn’t that appear to always be the case with the media?  The truth is Knock Out has been around for decades, or so I’ve read, and we are only recently hearing about it because it gained attention of the press and YouTube.  Yes, it’s a very serious matter than needs to be controlled, but I was better off not knowing.  Can we revoke the First Amendment for just a moment?  Let’s remove all instances of Knock Out on social media and YouTube.  Let’s stop reporting the every detail of the crime.  Let’s stop the assailants from attaining any sense of pride by eliminating all possible public knowledge of these attacks.  Let’s erase fear.  Or maybe invent a protective headpiece?  One with sharp blades so that any punch thrower will walk away with mangled hands?

The fear I feel from Knock Out also sparks the fire to prevent it.  My temper has a tendency of taking control when I’m overly worked up.  I can only imagine witnessing one of these attacks and how thirsty for blood I would become.  I envision myself sprinting to the punch throwing loser, jumping on him, and unleashing my inner “Ralphie”  (from A Christmas Story) turning him into a victim of assault.  I’d rather not find out how I would react to witnessing a low blow but I can only imagine I would be too heated to care about right and wrong, and 31 years of pent up anger would explode from my core.  But I know, if prompted, I would unleash the most unexpected beast especially if the victim was a family member or friend.

I started writing this post this morning but felt so overwhelmingly angered that I had to go to the gym to run it out…and then lift weights so my strength would be up to par to beat the crap out of someone if ever needed.

Whatever the motivation behind Knock Out, whether racial, malice, or sheer stupidity, someone needs to find a way to end it.  I don’t want to live in a world where I have to fear the streets I once loved.  Maybe I’m a tree hugger, but can’t we all just get along?  I have to end this typing now.  I can feel my heart starting to clench and my nostrils flare already.  I must subdue the Hulk…or in my case, Krissi Hellfire.

This is what I feel like inside. The Hulk Portrait by Daniel G S Murray by SmithMicro
This is what I feel like inside.
The Hulk Portrait by Daniel G S Murray by SmithMicro

38.  I don’t understand it, tell me how could you be so low..TKO – “TKO” by Justin Timberlake & Timbaland

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