37. You’re all I need my love, my Valentine

37. You’re all I need my love, my Valentine

Ah Valentine’s Day.  It’s probably the most obnoxious holiday on the calendar if you’re a female because if you don’t have somebody to love, you’re sitting at home with tear soaked cheeks throwing conversation hearts at the Lifetime movie on TV.  Ok, that’s a little presumptuous.  Not all of us single ladies actually care about February 14.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I actually love the consumerism of the holiday.  I walk into CVS and see the red and pink display with heart shaped chocolates and stuffed animals and I feel overwhelmingly happy.  I want to buy everything off of the shelves just for myself.  I love pink, hearts, chocolate, and glitter.  I love love.  Will I wear red on Valentine’s Day?  Absolutely!  I’ll even wear my age-old heart earrings from Claire’s.  Because it’s Valentine’s Day!  Embrace the love!  Go ahead; devour the box of Little Debbie heart shaped snack cakes.  I know I did.


Do I need a man to make me feel special one day a year?  Hell to the no!  February 14 is an excuse for men to do something special for women.  If it’s not special enough, we bitch and moan.  If men aren’t into the holiday, we whine.  But why?  Shouldn’t we be treated special on any given day not only a single day labeled on the calendar?  I don’t need a Hallmark created holiday to tell me I am loved.  I’ve never had a Valentine so maybe my judgment is a bit skewed, but I was raised in a loving household where February 14 was just a day that fell in between 13 and 15.  It’s a nothing date.

Even though I feel indifferent to the holiday, many ladies out there feel rejected if they don’t have something planned for Valentine’s Day.  Stop playing the pity card and make your own fun.  Find some single friends and go out to dinner.  Be anti-Valentine’s if you want.  Grab some sports loving friends and go to a hockey game.  The arena will be swarming with single guys (only the cool wives/girlfriends would allow their men to go out on Valentine’s Day without them).  Or, if you really have no desire to treat this day any differently, order some Chinese food, sit at home, and read a book.  Whatever you choose to do, whether in a relationship or single, just know that February 14 is not the only day to be loved.

I know you think I’ll feel differently when I have a significant other on Valentine’s Day.  Maybe I will, but probably I won’t.  I’m not your average girl.  My Netflix queue may be filled with girly rom-coms, but when it comes to real life, romance makes me uncomfortable.  My tomboyish qualities take charge and I would rather go to that hockey game than a candlelit dinner for two.  I’m not an ooey-gooey, mushy, melting at every romantic gesture girl.  Flowers die, I’m picky with fragrance, and I don’t wear much jewelry.  Chocolate, though, is always a viable option, Valentine’s Day or not.  Come on!  I do have some girlish qualities.  Chocolate as my panacea is definitely one of them.

If you’re alone today, embrace it.  Do what you want, not what society says you should do.  Buy yourself a gift.  Why not?  You love you, don’t you?  Eat that store bought heart themed chocolate cake without guilt.  You deserve it.  Watch The Notebook.  Or, if you prefer, The Conjuring.  It doesn’t matter to me.  And if you are alone, don’t worry.  You’re still special.  Going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day means absolutely nothing other than a free meal, if you’re a girl and not going dutch.  And, BONUS, you’re avoiding the totally cliché V-Day engagements.  Points for you, single lady!  Points for you


37. You’re all I need my love, my Valentine – “My Valentine” by Martina McBride

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