34. The most important thing to discuss in a relationship is…

34. The most important thing to discuss in a relationship is…

When in a relationship, there is one important rule that must be discussed between partners- which five famous people land on each of your “freebie” lists.

If you’re unfamiliar with the freebie list (ahem…Mom), it is a list of famous people with whom you can have an affair and receive a pass from your partner.  If not discussed immediately, you could kiss your potential one-night-stand with Leonardo DiCaprio goodbye.  You know that because you did not discuss your cheat list with your significant other, you and Leo will inevitably cross paths.  Such is life.

Just to be on the safe side, I have compiled my own freebie list, not that it matters at the moment.  But one can never be too prepared.

1.  Justin Timberlake (Actor/Singer)


I’ve had a monster crush on J. Timba since his curly haired, white boy ‘fro days of NSYNC.  Throughout the years, Justin has showed his talent on the stage and screen alike.  His ability to poke fun at himself has launched a comedic career one never could have anticipated from the former 16-year-old boy band front man (or would it be front boy?).  Having Justin on my list was a no brainer.

2.  Derek Theler (Actor)


Derek plays Danny Wheeler on ABC Famly’s Baby Daddy.  Originally from Colorado (a HUGE plus!), he lives up to his athletic nature by playing a professional hockey player on TV.  He graduated from Colorado State pre-med.  Body and brains.  Who could ask for more?

3.  Chris Carmack (Actor)


Chris currently has a reoccurring role of country newcomer Will Lexington on ABC’s Nashville.  Though he plays a secretly gay country singer on the show, Chris embodies masculinity with his chiseled jaw line and athletic stature.  With age, he lost his pretty boy Abercrombie look and gained a more rugged, manly charm.  Plus, he rocks the mic and cowboy hat with natural southern charm…even if he is from Maryland.

4.  Luke Bryan (Singer)


It would be a sin for me not to include country sensation Luke Bryan on my freebie list.  Shockingly, he is the only country crooner on this list unless you consider the aforementioned Carmack.  I’ve seen him shaking it on stage four times thus far with number five planned for April.  Luke possesses a more laid back, jeans and baseball cap style than the others on my list and he has a smile to die for.  That smile helped lurch him quickly into country music super stardom.  That and, of course, his booty shakin’ dance moves on stage.

5.  Chris Hemsworth (Actor)


One word: Thor I’m pretty sure I don’t need to go into more detail about this Aussie who scooped up the last spot on my list.  He’s a seemingly good guy who hasn’t let the Hollywood fame go to his head.  He chooses to live a boring life out of the spot light and evades the flash of paparazzi bulbs.  When it comes to fashion, he values comfort over style.  An easygoing, comfortable person who happens to be devastatingly gorgeous?  Yes, please.

This list can change at anytime mind you.  Much like my taste in ice cream, my flavors of the week vary depending on my mood.  In college, I had a killer appetite for chocolate ice cream and darker guys.  After graduation, my ice cream preference leaned more to anything vanilla based which is also the time when I started preferring white guys.  During my days working for Disney, I often gravitated towards fruity flavors.  You can only imagine where that led.

I think I’ve finally broken free from my ice cream to men parallel.  Judging by the top five, I think I’ve unknowingly found somewhat of a type.  Maybe?  Though I’m actually surprised there are no sports stars on my list.

Here are just a few more freebie potentials that I’m keeping on the back burner, you know, just in case.  It never hurts to have a backup plan.

Jared Padalecki (the closest contender for the top 5)


Zac Efron


Tyrese Gibson


Christian Bale (circa his Newsies days)


Brett Eldridge


Jared Leto


…yes even with the pink mohawk…


Remember kids, it never hurts to be prepared with your freebie list because in life, you just never know.

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