28. The good ol’ days- when we didn’t know each other’s political affiliations

28. The good ol’ days- when we didn’t know each other’s political affiliations

I’m tired of knowing every little detail about my Facebook friends. I know it’s ironic given that I’m using this blog to tell you 365 things about me. But let’s be honest, I miss the days when I had no clue which way people swung politically. It used to be a personal matter whom we voted for president. Now we publicly promote our political affiliations every single day via social media.

I’ve been guilty of doing so in the past as well, but from now on my lips are sealed. I’m tired of judging people from what they post on Facebook nor do I want to feel belittled because of my personal opinions. A person may be liberal on social issues and fiscally conservative, but one issue has to outweigh the other and so we choose a side.

Does it matter whether I’m liberal or conservative? If I believe in same sex marriage and abortion does that automatically mean I vote a certain way? If I vote republican, am I automatically anti homosexuality? Would you think less of me if you knew my political standings?

I realize this post is slightly out of the blue, but it’s not even an election year and my newsfeed is clogged with political agenda from both sides. I miss the days when we had our secrets. I don’t care whether you’re democrat or republican. Well, obviously I care because I want my political candidate in office, but I don’t need to read incessant rants about the “wrong” party, whichever that may be.

I promise this will be the one and only time I write about politics. This post is neither entertaining to read nor well written. Seeing an irritating post on Facebook tonight made me realize I needed to share that little bit about me. Politics drive me insane and in today’s era I can’t escape it!

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