26. This road keeps windin’ through the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee

26. This road keeps windin’ through the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee

There’s something to be said about taking a road trip.  Experiencing the various terrain up and down the East Coast promotes the uniqueness of the individual states.  I enjoy traveling by car when possible because the wide open road soothes. Driving to the destination offers an escape from the hassles of flying…when we avoid traffic of course.


Georgia has the same relatively flat terrain as Florida.


South Carolina feels quite similar as well, but it begins to feel slightly more woodsy the more north you travel. The most exciting part about South Carolina for me is that this stretch of 95 is dubbed the Purple Heart Memorial Highway (not sure why it says Blue Star on the sign below but either way they both support the military).


And of course, South of the Border. Who can forget that?

South Of The Border

You begin to sense the atmosphere changing in North Carolina, but it’s when you reach Virginia that you experience rolling hills. It’s here I first notice the most difference between states. They no longer look to be an extension of Florida. In my opinion, Virginia has the most majestic scenery of the ride.

Welcome to VA

Once you near the area surrounding DC, the scenery becomes more urban for lengthier periods of time, and the states pass with more frequency.

Today is part 2 of the road trip. We begin in Woodbridge, VA and head through the northeast to Massachusetts. I’m currently prepping my body for the cold, long winters by packing on the pounds with road trip food. My transition to northerner has begun. (Who am I kidding? I have another run to be in shape for next month.)


I first made the trip from Florida to Massachusetts in August 2001 as I headed to college. After the devastation of 9/11, I continued to make that drive for each Christmas break, as well as at the beginning and end of each school year. There is a familiarity with this route now, along with attached memories from past trips. We stayed overnight in various towns. We ate at multiple Outbacks. We found the best cup of coffee at a random North Carolina Burger King though it would help if we remembered the exit… We listened to Christmas music and pointed out the decorated houses. Now we can add a new memory- staying at the nicest Marriott Courtyard yet (Woodbridge, VA).


Onward to the new life!

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