25. I think I’ll go to Boston. I think I’ll start a new life.

25. I think I’ll go to Boston. I think I’ll start a new life.

The day dubbed “Armageddon” has arrived.  Today I pack up the car and move to Boston.  What a life I’ve lived in Orlando!  This departure is by far bittersweet.  While here I’ve felt like I lived in limbo.  It was never a place I wanted to stay so I didn’t fully engaged in life early on, but I met the most wonderful people once I let myself open up.  Despite this, I’ve always been jealous of those who have moved on from this place no matter how difficult it was to say goodbye.

Now, it is my turn.  Though I look forward to the road ahead, I definitely have pockets of my Orlando past that I will miss dearly.

I’ll miss the friends I’ve come to consider family and every single moment we’ve spent together- the scary movie nights that lasted well into the morning hours; dancing like freaks at the Atlantic Dancehall; singing along at concerts; the agony of defeat at World of Beer trivia nights; walking down the street just to say hello.  I carry with me even the littlest memories that built the big picture.

Atlantic Dancehall
Atlantic Dancehall

I’ll crave runDisney events knowing I won’t be able to participate in every single run anymore.  I propose we all sign up for the 2014 Wine and Dine Half Marathon.  Any volunteers? (If you read this in the Haunted Mansion voice, you’d also be reading my mind.)

Brace yourself for this one…I’ll even miss Disney itself.  Or at least the availability of it.  I no longer have the opportunity to go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Food and Wine, or Candlelight without making it a big production.  I’m happy to say I’ve experienced my share of ALL of these events while living in Orlando so I’ll only be slightly jealous when my friends post Disney statuses on Facebook.

Halloween Party 2013
Halloween Party 2013

I’ll wish I could go to a Tampa Bay Rays game instead of a Red Sox game.  No offense to the Sox, but the Rays are still my team- crummy indoor stadium and all!

Tampa Bay Rays Baseball
Tampa Bay Rays Baseball

I’ll wish I lived closer to the country music scene (and my concert buddy, Emily!).  Between Orlando, Tampa, and West Palm, artists held concerts I could easily attend.  In Boston, it’ll be a trek to go to a concert since not all artists hold shows in Massachusetts during each tour.  Luckily, I’m already flying home for the Tortuga Music Festival in April.  I couldn’t resist a chance to see Luke Bryan for the 5th time.


I’ll fondly remember the town I love and my first home there.  The town events were legendary.  I saw Hootie and the Blowfish perform up close!  If only I could transplant the town to Massachusetts with me.  It’s my little slice of Pleasantville (sans Toby McGuire).


I’ll miss home.  I’ve become spoiled living only three hours away from Boca.  I enjoyed being able to drive home for the weekend whenever I wanted to see family and friends.

I will NOT miss the weather.  My body prefers the seasons including the snow and cold.  I rarely went to the beach or took advantage of the pool in Florida  It’ll be a treat when I come to visit now.  Did I mention the Tortuga Music Festival takes place on the beach?  I’m already excited to wear my bikini and get a tan.

I look forward to being closer to the mountains, New York City, museums and cultural opportunities.  It excites me to be living closer to my college friends and to be a part of their budding families’ lives.  I eagerly await Marathon Monday and the chance to be Boston Strong.  I look forward to acting ridiculously stupid with two of the people who understand me best- my “cousins-who-are-more-like-sisters”.

I certainly have much “will miss” on my list, but the opportunity to start a fresh life outweighs the heartache of leaving.  Nothing can ever replace my experiences here, nor do I want it to.  I want to savor the memories.  Who knows what life has in store for me?  It will be different, but different spices up life.

Thanks to all of you who have made living in Orlando a fabulous memory!  You are the reason I stayed as long as I did.


I no longer need to feel jealous of the friends moving on with their lives.  Today is my chance at new beginnings.

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