24. If I told you I loved you…

24. If I told you I loved you…

How amazing that three small words hold such great power.  I love you.  They can alter endings.  They can rewrite (your) history.  They can brighten your day.  But they are powerful words that I fear we overuse.

I love you, not to be confused with I’m in love with you, flies out of our mouths like bats from a cave.  Replace “you” with another noun or verb and you have even more reasons to run scared.  I plead guilty to it myself.  I’ll say “I love pizza” or “I love Colorado”, but love is not the proper emotion to describe our feelings for a place or thing.  Will I stop saying that?  Probably not.  But I am more conscious of what I say now that I’m mature enough to grasp the true emotion behind the word “love”.

Though I absentmindedly throw around “I love (insert place or thing)”, I refuse to use “I love you” lightly.  Up until recently, the only people on the receiving end of my verbal affection were family members.  I have learned that love can stretch further than blood to the friends who earn a place in the honorary family zone since love represents a bond that sails beyond “like” or friendship.  Attempting to truly define love is impossible for me.  It’s indescribable, all powerful, and heart melting.  It reserves the ability to be prevalent in many different types of relationships, but not necessarily in each of our relationships.

I love you – Those three small words make me recoil in dread like nails on a chalkboard.  How easy they roll off the tongue for people they shouldn’t.  The more often we utter those words in fallacy, the closer love comes to extinction.  How do we expect the younger generations to learn about love when they see it falsely advertised in both real life and media?

It’s near impossible for me say the phrase “I love you” when I’m not serious about it.  Like Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar, I feel I can (or at least should) only tell the truth with love. Some people throw out the phrase to every friend they have.  You won’t find that with me.  I don’t love all of my friends, not in the true sense.  I like all of my friends.  I have connections with all of my friends.  I enjoy the company of all of my friends.  But I do not love all of my friends.

Love is not a force with which to toy.  Reserve it for the most important people in your life.  If I tell you I love you then I mean it wholeheartedly and without hesitation.  And if I can’t reciprocate your sentiment, don’t take it personally.  I love with all seriousness and limitations because I’d prefer not to keep a swinging door on my heart.  I love forever.

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