22. I believe in better days. That’s why I pray.

22. I believe in better days. That’s why I pray.

I’m not quite certain if I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer doesn’t send cancer into remission. Chemotherapy and radiation do. Prayer doesn’t win baseball games. Players do (and as I read in a Chicken Soup book, God doesn’t get involved in sports). Prayer doesn’t stop cyber bullying. Maturity does. I do always tend to find what I’ve lost after praying to St. Anthony though. Coincidence?

The truth is I believe that whatever is meant to happen will happen. Prayer will not stop someone from dying. It will not stop a natural disaster. It will not make a decision for you.  It acts as a support system, a crutch in troubling moments- like when you’re running a half marathon and feel as if you are going to vomit the entire race.  You say “oh God, just let me finish”.  Been there.  Done that.

I believe in positive thinking. I believe if you set your mind to do something, you can achieve it. You work harder and stronger when your want is most desired. I believe you summon strength and courage within yourself to overcome obstacles.

Despite my uncertainty, I do pray at night when I’m lying in bed. Maybe pray isn’t the right word. I talk. I talk to whomever or whatever is out there. I talk to the universe. I talk to God. I talk to myself. Take your pick at my listener.

I don’t pray about personal specifics like landing a job, making a decision, or not having cavities.  Those things are insignificant in the scheme of life.  If I’m meant to land that job and I’ve put forth every effort, then I’ll get it.  If I’ve weighed all of my options, the decision will be made.  If I take superb care of my teeth, I shouldn’t have cavities, but sometimes teeth are predisposed to them.

I say I love you to whomever needs it and hope they receive the thought. I ask for the continued safety of my family and friends. I hope for better days. I wish for the world to be a better place.  I ask that kids grow up to be civilized human beings, that justice is served, that hatred eventually dies.  I even say “hey” to loved ones who have passed.

I’ve learned not to expect results from my nightly talks but it’s comforting putting that positivity out there.  It doesn’t hurt to pray or talk or put forth positive energy. There’s no negative side effect. If you believe in the power of prayer then keep it up. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just haven’t witnessed answered prayers. Either way, I’ll continue to say my piece at night in hopes that better days follow for those who need it, for all of us, for the future of the world.  It can’t hurt.

I believe in better days.  That’s why I pray.

One thought on “22. I believe in better days. That’s why I pray.

  1. A lot of people can relate to your view on prayer. I close my eyes n talk to loved ones I believe are in heaven, it gives me peace, n know their memory will live in my heart forever. Just enjoy the feeling of connecting to whatever is in your heart.

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