20. And I would do anything for love.

20. And I would do anything for love.

Yes, I would do anything for love even if that meant eating two breakfasts less than an hour apart from each other.

Last night I asked my grandmother if she would like to me to take her to lunch today. Of course she said yes. She knew I would call her in the morning with the details.

Note to self- wait until the day of to ask someone with dementia to accompany you to a meal.

This morning when I called her house after returning home from the car dealership and breakfast, my grandma’s aid said she had been dressed and ready for our outing for hours. It was only 9am. I wasn’t going to pick her up for lunch until 11:15.

Since she hadn’t eaten anything yet and was clearly ready to leave the house, I called back and said I would take her to breakfast instead.

Oh god. My stomach couldn’t handle more food just yet, but as any good granddaughter would do, I ate a second breakfast with my grandma. It made her morning.


This explains why my grandparents referred to me as their favorite granddaughter…it had nothing to do with the fact that I was the only one.

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