16. Stop. It’s Boba time!

16. Stop. It’s Boba time!

I blog about all things “me” here.  That includes my likes and dislikes.  Here’s one of those posts that isn’t going to blow your mind but it’s about one of my favorite things.  Hey, if I’m trying to give you a random fact about me daily, you’re bound to come across some of these.  It’s still one of the things that makes me me no matter how insignificant.

Two years ago, thanks to my best friend Lisa, I was introduced to a foreign drink known as “boba” or “bubble tea” while visiting Boulder, Colorado.  I was skeptical at first but with one sip became addicted.

What is boba?  IMG_0956

It’s a delicious drink of flavored tea, sometimes with milk, and tapioca pearls on the bottom.  This drink requires a large straw in order to suck up the pearls.  As you sip the tea, a chewy pearl of tapioca will make its way up through the straw and into your mouth.  It’s a strange sensation at first.  Not everyone grows accustomed to chewing tapioca as they drink.  Those of us who do, tend to crave its goodness quite often.

When my cravings hit, I drive to The Chewy Boba Company near the Florida mall.  It’s not terribly convenient for me, but a little road trip helps to clear the mind sometimes.  I’m a personal fan of the Passion Fruit tea or Lychee tea, neither with milk.  The flavors are extensive so you are sure to find something for your taste buds.

If you have the chance, I recommend everyone try boba at least once.  Because it’s unlike any other drink, I can’t describe the texture and sensation to the extent you will fully comprehend.  Not everyone will like it but at least you’ll know.


Boba definitely remains one of my sweet addictions.  When I need a break from packing and writing, I take a drive to get a tea.  I only have a week left…I think I see another Chewy trip in the near future.

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