4. I own too much “stuff”.

4. I own too much “stuff”.

I haven’t even begun packing for my move but I can already tell you I accumulated too much “stuff” over the last seven and a half years.  When I moved into my condo, I packed the U-haul only with essentials- bedroom furniture, desk, TV, and clothes.  Everything else I bought upon arriving in Orlando because I didn’t already own it.  I didn’t bring many books, art supplies, or display items.  I didn’t have much.

Looking around now, I see that has completely changed.  My bedroom closet overflows with clothes while my spare room closet houses all of my art supplies and sports equipment.  I bought plenty of items over the years that I haven’t even used.  I’ve stocked up on canvas from Michael’s after BOGO sales.  Unused picture frames from Hobby Lobby lay picture-less on shelves.  Thanks to Bath and Body Works sales, I have enough body wash, lotions, candles, and plug-ins to keep me and my house smelling fresh for a year or more.

Today I’m taking down my Christmas decorations.  Monday I will start tossing out anything I haven’t yet used (aside from canvases and bath/body product).  I will throw out the work clothes I’ve worn hundreds of times; pants I’ve continued to wear even though they are too loose; shoes that hurt my feet yet I insist I will wear for some occasion; books that aren’t worth keeping.

This is my first official “big girl” move where I’ve had to pack up my entire life.  Going off to a college dorm and leaving home for the final time don’t count.  I didn’t have to place my entire home into boxes.  If there is anything I have taken away from this is that I don’t need “stuff”.  Please don’t buy it for me unless you know it’s something I will absolutely love or need.  I promise to think very carefully on whether or not I need something the next time I’m about to spend money.  You know that omelette pan I’ve used once but has sat stuffed in my cabinet for four years?  Prime example of the unnecessary.

I never thought I’d say this, ever, but I am eager to discard the useless junk.  I’ll keep drowning in the clutter of my life until Monday.  I have Christmas to say good-bye to first.

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