3. I am the girl who cried wolf.

3. I am the girl who cried wolf.

On three separate occasions, I was headed to grad school for three different areas of study.  I searched for jobs out of state more times than I can remember and blabbed to people about the opportunities I found.  I backed out of interviews for fear of changing my routine.  I’ve attempted to write numerous blogs but never found the time to maintain them.  Unfinished paintings lay in piles in my closet.  Novels remain incomplete.  Unruly lyrics scribbled on the pages of my twelve journals.

I am the girl who cried wolf and this endless list proves it.  Up until two and half weeks ago, no one believed I would quit my job of over seven years for a life of the unknown.  And if not for the encouragement of a certain colleague, I probably wouldn’t have had the strength to drop this complacent life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good life.  But I crave great.  It’s a safe life.  But I crave adventure.  It’s a fun life.  But I crave exhilarating.

Today marked the final day at my company.  I’m unemployed but more eager for the future than ever before.  I feel liberated.  I have wanted to move back to Boston for at least seven years but I lacked the courage.  Or perhaps it wasn’t courage I lacked.  The timing never felt as right as it does now.  I may struggle, but life is worth more than just contentment.  I am worth more.

The reality of my move won’t sink in until my car is packed and the key to my condo turned one final time.  I liked this life of contentment but life is meant to be loved.  I only have one life.  I intend to follow my heart for the rest of this journey- however many years that might be.  No more crying wolf.  I control my destiny starting now.

Here’s to the ride of my life and the people who stay in my heart throughout the journey.

One thought on “3. I am the girl who cried wolf.

  1. I am so excited for you to be back in Massachusetts. Fall and Winter are so much more fun when you are here to experience it. Can’t wait to hang out with my “sister!”

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